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I will stay separate and divorce
Lambasted a lady with strong force
I was taken a back at once,
Never heard such anger since,
Was it natural out burst?
Why all of sudden she wanted me to oust?
Thought for a while and remained cool,
Immediate reaction would be sign of fool,
Never I shamed her or neglected,
On all the matters almost contacted,
Remained possessively forever connected,
Why then she hastily acted?
I must cool her down,
Convince her to shed the frown,
All the actions I must disown,
Full praise and put on head a crown,
She will relent,
If offered no arguments,
Kept mum and offered no comment,
She will find the way and lament,
Why dear you are in such state?
Has any one trouble you or mob irate?
Nothing of that sort but you have failed,
In my own house I feel jailed,
You have no time to spare,
No talk and not going any where,
I am confined all the times here,
You have no sweet words which I want to hear,
I saw the valid reason,
The rain was timely and of season,
I must respect her wishes,
She was not at home for washing the dishes,
She was at home once again,
I too had trust to regain,
I said few with sincere sorry,
This relieved her from al worry

hasmukh amathalal

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