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“Invitation to the dance” is what I heard him say
He handed me the letter and said “It’s time to play”

I read the invitation and something tugged my heart
A memory of the dance floor and I a work of art

But I can’t dance now, it’s been too long
My feet won’t keep rhythm with the song

I’ve gotten old, my pace is slow
I’m not the gal of long ago

Too many birthdays have come and gone
Arthritis has settled into these bones

Too many yesterdays, not enough tomorrows
But wait, I’ve already seen too many sorrows

‘A dance’ I thought and a smile spread wide
My feet began to tingle inside

They were so excited they couldn’t keep still
I knew I must try though I was over the hill

I realized he was standing there looking at me
With a spark in his eyes he was pleased, I could see

He said, “I’m waiting for your answer, what do you say?”
I said “I’ll RSVP this invite, you just made my day!”

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