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When newly we start
we head for the dance floor
with all of our heart.

The dancing begins,
but the night’s just too short
We simply can’t get
enough of this sport.

There’s leading and following
those subtle cues.
We waltz ’round the dance floor
not knowing whose thoughts are whose.

The music, the moves –
all track of time we lose.
Then the lights go up
and we see life’s hues.

Leading and following
in life we proceed
like a beautiful mare
and a virtuous steed
playing and prancing
through all of the weeds.

Then life has its bumps
like on the dance floor,
when he’s counting 3
when she’s counting 4.
A natural right turn
avoids a collision and more.

Now what do we do
to recover our place?
Cast a little blame
and complete our disgrace?
Unkind words
can put us out of the race.

No just a smile, a wink
and “You did that one well!
Let’s go on from here.”


Tim Chapman

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