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The shadows moved across the sky,
The men standing by,
Looking at the shadows formed,
Wondering of their destiny,
Whether it’ll be grand,
Whether it’ll be sorrow,
Maybe it will be free,
It could happen tomorrow,
But destiny is majestic,
Prancing round and round,
Free, nice, playful…

That’s destiny…

A wonder of the future,
One the men dream,
Maybe it’ll happen,
Who knows, life occurs,
Day by day, week by week,
Everything for the good only,
Destiny we seek,
But we won’t find it,
It won’t be allowed,
It’s one big secret,
We all live it…

Destiny, the Destiny,
One forbidden,
One lost,
One comes eventually,
But still, when the time is right,
Destiny will appear,
Maybe when the night is clear,
But that’s Destiny, comes, goes,
That’s all it is…
It really shows,
It comes, only to go, to come again…

This the men think as well,
But they just realized now…

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