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A Coach’s Lament

After the day was over with, I wondered
Why did I go to all of this trouble.

I had such high hopes for the team,
We were district champions and that was no dream.

They looked so sharp in their brand new clothes,
They knew their cases and prepared their briefs,
They were ready to win.

As the day dragged on and on,
My opinion changed ever so small.

Winning soon went out of the pictures,
However, what I learned,
Winning wasn’t everything.

The need to win took second place,
My students learned what is was to be successful, You see that taught me!

I learned when the student said,” Oh, coach, don’t
Be mad, we tried our best and next year,
We will get them not worry!”

I said, ” What me worry?”

I was Mad, and I acted like Alfred E
Now I can honestly say, my students taught me!


Dr. Richard C Blackstone III

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