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A Touch Of Love

I was six months old and full of fun,
with a blink of your eye, I was suddenly one.
There were so many things we were going to do,
but when you turned your head, I turned two.
At two I was very dependent on you,
but independence took over when I turned three.
My third birthday was another year
you tried to ignore,
but when the candles were lit,
there weren’t three but four.
Four was the year that I really strived,
but with a turn of your back, I became five.
At five I was ready for rules
and told this is the year I go to school.
The big day came, and I was anxious
but scared to go.
You walked me to my room going oh, so slow.
With a gentle smile, you said,
"I’ll see you in PE".
As the years came and went,
along with friends fads, and boyfriends,
you were in the background watching over me.
Soon we stepped into my teenage years,
which started the days of mouthing off
and learning to drive,
and suddenly you wished
I was five all over again.
Time goes so fast it is so hard to believe,
that just yesterday I was home with you.
And tomorrow when I come home
and walk through the door,
you will remember the day
I was wearing my cap and gown
and think how did I grow up so fast.
With a nod of your head,
you watched me walk down the aisle
and across the stage.
Then, with a wave of your hand,
three months later you sent me off to college
to find my way.
Now, today I am not six months old
and full of fun anymore,
I’m almost twenty-one.
With graduation approaching,
I have the world, the city, and my job
waiting on me.
It’s so hard to believe I’ve come this far.
But without you and dad, I wouldn’t be here
and where I am now.
So hold these moments as hard as you can,
because the next time you look,
it won’t be just me,
you’ll also be seeing a man.


Amy Reynolds

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