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Family life and love life.

When my aunt died 3 years ago.It was like I was in woods and couldn’t find my way out of woods.But it wasn’t like
I was lost in woods and couldn’t find my way out.It was real lost when my aunt died with cancer.When my great grand
maw died.It was like I drunk something that made me sick to my stomach.But it wasn’t like I that I drunk something that
was bad for me and made me sick to my stomach.It was real lost when she died of old age.When my great grand paw died over Thanksgiving month.It was like lost baby fox that got lost from it family.But it wasn’t like a baby fox lost it family.It is real thing when you loose a love one.When I first meet Nathan and we started dating.It was like was cup that you was sweet to drink out of.But it wasn’t like a cup that is sweet to drink out of.It is real nice thing when me and Nathan meet and I wish it was like was when we first got together.When Nathan change after my grand paw died and he act like something change him.It was like I was racing horse to get back to something I was missing.But it wasn’t like I was racing a horse to get back to my life that I once had.When I found Mason on myspace and we started talking again.It was like shooting star when back and got us together.But it wasn’t like they was shooting star that went by that got us together.It was just some bad luck on getting together with Mason.When I thought he love me and wanted to be with me.It was like two love birds that are kissing in the trees.But it wasn’t like two loves birds are kissing in the trees.It was real dump thing when you think someone wants to be with you and they do not want to be.

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