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for my dad

When I was born I had a different dad;
and when GOD took him I got very mad.
My heart is was broken when I heard I lost my dad;
I’ll never forget the day we were all so sad.
I never wanted anyone to try to take his place;
I thought no one else could put a smile upon my face.
Then you came into my mothers life;
you loved her respected her and made her your wife.
I was confused and not sure what to do;
I’m sure it must have been as confusing for you.
I didn’t want to admit it but I soon came to see,
you were the kind of man I would want a father to be.
You are an inspiration and you always seem to care;
I know that when I need you, you will always be there.
My boys they adore you, a grandpa you must be;
It never made us happier to see you on our family tree.
It took a little while but now I am so glad;
I`m proud to be your daughter, and you to be my dad.

lori stlouis

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