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His Favorite Flower

Lining the forest unevenly, forget-me-nots grow.
Blue petals finger-paint hidden, overgrown paths.
Shy faces smile at the end of straggly, green stems,
Capturing the sorrow of the broken-hearted ones…
His favourite flower instills disquieting memories.
Their weed-like appearance misleads his aged eyes –
A wild, untamed resemblance of many lost decades.
He journeys through the forest with careful steps.
Marie’s memories lay scattered, like her ashes.
The breeze lifts her life into old, regretful lungs –
Exposed roots attempt to grasp his worn shoes
But blue posies cushion the earth with forgiveness.
Bending with stiff knees, he reaches down steadily,
Brushing a cluster of forget-me-nots with a sigh.
Flashbacks fill his vision and their life begins again:
Marie plucks his favourite flower and takes his hand.

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