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First Supper

I chop the greens,
choi sum.
I bought from the
Japanese woman
at the farmer’s market,
and the green onions and asparagus,
5 curving stalks.
Into the pot with the ginger
the old Chinese man
put on his scale, the small piece
he added last, to make the
weight come out even.
I throw in some leftover meat
and huli huli sauce that Jeremy loves,
and I stir–
all ready for the brown rice,
I set to cook an hour ago.I eat right from the
stir fry pot,
each bite, delicious, the
only sound, pleasure.So this is what it is to
eat alone?
Cook for myself,
remembering where each part
of my stir fry comes from?
Stirring them together
into a new dish,
eating it all
scraping leftovers into the sink
cleaning up.


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