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Free as flowers in the summer breeze
Free as free falling in the windy heavens
Free as an eagle soaring through the sky
Free as a plane gliding across the western horizon

Free to say anything and anywhere
Free to express ourselves
Free to express our moods and emotion
Free to dance in public and sing at any time of the day

Freedom comes with responsibility
Freedom to do whatever comes with trust
Freedom has boundaries that are set
Freedom is not really freedom

There will never be complete freedom
For freedom itself has its own limits and consequences
Freedom shall not be used foolishly
Nor shall freedom have to be banded or it will perish

Freedom is a gift
Freedom shall be used wisely
Being free is both safe and dangerous
Being free is showing that one can use it wisely

Freedom is being free
Salvation is being freed from the grave
Jesus set us free by his blood
Freedom has a price that we all pay and should pay


Davke Wolfkens

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