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Many of those who fought for freedom they died so very young
Their lives ‘twould seem were wasted though their praises are sung
Yes ‘twould seem their lives were wasted alas they died in vain
For even in democratic Countries many aspects of lack of freedom do remain
For people who are homeless and hungry and sleeping rough
For them life is a battle and times are always tough
Freedom from homelessness and hunger not taken into account
Still the numbers of the homeless and the hungry with each passing day does mount
Freedom of attack from another when we walk down the street
This is as an important a freedom as enough to drink and eat
It was for the thing called freedom that many brave young people died
Yet the most basic of freedoms to far too many is denied,
It is one basic freedom your choice who Governs your Homeland
But there is far more to true freedom than we wish to understand.

Francis Duggan

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