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I Cannot Pledge Allegience

I cannot pledge allegiance
To a government of men
I cannot silence my conscience
I cannot forsake my beliefs
In the name of public opinion
To be judged by the masses
Approved by the courts
Sanctioned by the politicians
The snakes of statism
Stealing from the rich
Giving to the poor
Stealing from the poor
Giving to the rich
In the name of public good
They do evil
In the name of truth
They tell lies
In the name of peace
They make war
In the name of love
They spread hate
I will not pledge allegiance
To your flag
I will not bow down
To your god
I will not tolerate
Your intolerance
I will not be
The slave to society
A pawn in your politics
To be bartared like chattal
Used as cannon fodder
Managed as your resource
If you want justice
If you want progress
If you want peace
Give man his freedom


Ty Pollak.

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