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Fallen Through Infaduation

I spoke, Now i’ve got nothing to lie of,
cry out to get away with it, and feel aggrevated for something
I’ll be honest then realize when i’m not.

The moment i fall
watch me stand up
however it feels to recover from torment and pain
this affection should last awhile.

If you ever feel hurt,scared, or anything
tell me, then say why i’ve walked too far

I’m keeping you in my heart.
If you hurt me,I’ll damage the outside to know how breakdowns cure.
the words can stay put.
the touches last to swirls,when you leave.

I’ll look in my eyes
then convince myself to hope-my elusions turned to static thoughts
I’ve seen alot in a persons eyes I haven’t actually looked,
now that i have, i’ve shown my windows then figured it bliss, infaduation in the worst twist.

by Lindsay

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