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A girl

Pretty girl, who is to blame
they don’t even know her name
Saddened girl, who cries at night
The one who’s out of sight
Fairytale girl, who doesn’t exist
with scars on her wrist
Silent girl, without a name
The one who’s filled with shame
Freakish girl, with plastic smiles
Who has gone a thousand miles
Emotionless girl, can’t feel much pain
She’s the one who brings the rain
Psychotic girl, tears start to flood
The one who drains her blood
Hated girl, who no one loves
She’s the one who still runs though
Hidden girl, she covers her scars
She has lived behind her life’s bars
Lonely girl, who bleeds so much,
She is who’s out of touch
Beaten girl, who no one likes
She’s who never fights
Stoner girl, tonight she’ll smoke her sorrow
She’ll also drink tomorrow
Scared girl, who’s afraid
She will try to run go away
Depressed girl, who cries and aches,
She will never get a break
Fallen girl, with broken wings
She just fell off the swing
Morbid girl, wont die tonight
She will make it if she’s out of his sight
Pretty girl, you are so smart
She didn’t know it from the start
Beautiful girl, she is no more
She just hangs by the door
Here is were she will stay
Because she was never saved


justine spohn

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