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Let God Save The Sod

Life route is to all hilly
Rely not on skill solely
Unseen God exists verily
He answers prayers merrily

When defeats flow in life incessantly
None can take defeats lightly cum gently
Feel that God participates in defeats jointly
Then gradually mind becomes very saintly

A particular field may not yield
Still fate is not at all sealed
Prayer is a protective shield
Let laws of defeat be not repealed

Man is born with hands closed
In his fist his nature is disclosed
Along with body mind is enclosed
He always feels that his life is foreclosed

Other beings live at man’s mercy
Man has established his supremacy
No cure for END in the pharmacy
Can crazy man unravel this secrecy?

Though so many things man can invent
This trap of death, can he circumvent?
Compliment man as super intelligent
But regard him not to God equivalent

The Almighty is not only visible
His actions prove Him to be invincible
Sad emotions are no longer indelible
Praise God via Veda, Koran and Bible

For peace every being prays
To fully get God’s Divine grace
Prayer is devised by human-race
A praying soul peace will embrace

Kindness supplies brightness
Highlighting heart’s greatness
The mighty God is within us
In the form of pure kindness

Let hatred be by love substituted
Let enough love be kindly contributed
Let sacred love be equitably distributed
To God only world’s actions are attributed.



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