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Today is our last day of middle school,
we’re graduating And going off to high school
we’ve known each other for years
grown up together and learned alot
and created memories that will last
looking back at these 3 years
i see myself as a little child
opening the door into this school
i remember all the teachers
all the classes
and all the fun
every month a new field trip
to a new place for a different lesson
Organizing the boxes for penies for patients
And bringing in coats for the needy
today wee’re getting ready for the semi
So once again lets thank the teachers
all the parents and all the others
who spent their time to teach us the soars
armohottie07: dats araz’s
armohottie07: We have had laughter and tears
shared our thoughts and fears,
but nothing can compare to this day
we are forced to say goodbuy to all the faces we have gotten to know so well
& they will only fade away.
I will remeber the indside jokes and keep all memories locked in my heart
I will look back on then with smiles and laughter
just trying to keep in the tears
I hope this year has changed your life and that the road ahead is great



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