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The Greed of Man

The majesty of mountains fills the heart and mind with awe,
The rivulets of water as their caps begin to haw,
Rush down the lush green girdled sides and mingle with the stream,
The wreath of mist on lower slopes is like an unreal dream,
The trees that grow on sloping sides reach pwards to the sky,
Straight and tall these wonders grow although the ground awry,
The birds that live within its mantle live and play and die,
The deer in season lifts its head and gives its plaintive cry,
The furry possum pauses in it meal of glossy eaves,
To listen to the morepork as its tending to its needs,
But new sounds in this wonderland means something here is wrong,
And in a few more years this paradise is gone,
The thunder of the engines, and the smell of acrid smoke,
Natures creatures living here can give up all their hope,
For the greed of man is insatiable nothing bars the way,
The money made will soon be gone, but its our children who will pay…

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