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Dear Happiness

Dear Happiness,

You are the hope in the midst of our souls.
You are the faith that comes with high goals.
You are the meaning of ecstatic bliss.
You are the feeling of a loving mother’s kiss.

You are the sensation of everlasting love.
You are an angel sent down from above.
You are the wrapping of a wonderful gift.
When our lives are fading, to you we drift.

When nothing in our lives seems to go right,
You banish the night and replace it with light.
You are a field of roses in the prairies of life.
You are the redeemer when we suffer from strife.

You enter joyfully when displeasures depart.
You are the main element in what we call “heart.”
You are our relaxation; to you we are loyal,
When the rest of the world is swarming with toil.

You are the emotion when we overcome our fear.
You are the reaction when it’s praise that we hear.
You are the savior, when life takes its snipe.
When we are feeling blue, our tears you wipe.

But then again, what follows you is sorrow.
Whenever you leave, grief arrives on the morrow.
What I’ve always wanted to say, I’m saying today.
Even when misery hits, don’t go too far away.


Written by Ramna

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