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One Saturday Evenin…

One Saturday evening, down the window I was seeing,
Up came her call, down the bed was I about to fall.
My heart started ringing like a bell;
Picked up the phone and amused of what to tell.
Down came her offer, and she didn’t have a chauffer,
She wants to go out with me,
Clogging my mind were thoughts of it being a mystery or reality;

Ecstatic I started jumping and screaming,
Happiness in my life suddenly, I was dreaming,
A romantic melody, I started singing.
Down I came to earth, as the phone again started ringing.
The rain started pouring very hard,
“Doubt whether we can go out”, she said, which made me sad,
Savaging my dreams was the rain.
Tears started rolling out, as I couldn’t take the pain.

Suddenly thy rained mercy,
Desperate to go out, I prayed he could see.
Picked up my phone and gave her a call,
Now can we go out my Miss Tall?
Down I saw my cutest friend’s missed call,
Rushed up, I gave her a call.
Got the news, both were so elated,
Stepping on my door was happiness, even so it was belated.
Tensed and lying I got out of my house,
Desperate to go out with her, and wanted to make her my spouse.
Waiting for her at the bus stand,
So elated I was, didn’t see the fate coming in my hand.
There I saw her coming,
Cool and relaxed I was trying and pretending.
Down she came from her ride,
I kept looking at her eyes, standing on the road side.

She came towards me, crossing the road,
Croaking was my heart, lyk a frog on toad.
We were sitting opposite to each other,
Gazing at her eyes, which looked crystal as a mirror.
We started having a chat,
Reminded me of a day where she was wearing a pink cool hat.
Praising thee, so beautiful she was looking.
A blessed man I am was the only thing that I was thinking.
Time went on, around came our destination,
Just sit and watch her eyes, was my only inclination.
Came down from the cab and paid the fare,
The cabbie said I know you love her and take care.
Inside the shop we went,
Buying a watch was her intent.
She liked a cool and sexy clock,
Paid for it, out from the shop we were about to walk.

About to go for the dinner, I put hands inside my pocket,
Scared and embarrassed I didn’t find my wallet.
Didn’t know what should I tell,
Swinging my head and I was about to fell.
Told her about this unfortunate incident,
She advised me that I should have been prudent.
This was the only thing that had to happen,
All my planned dreams were shaken.
Nothing to help me and I was completely broken,
I couldn’t give her the gift which had been stolen.

Distorted and dejected, wanted to drop her back home.
I knew that my fortunes were walking on soapy foam.
Took a cab and dropped her at the bus stand,
Drenched and lonely in the rain I had to stand.
As she got on to her ride, the distance seemed wide
Got a last glance her eyes and I knew the upcoming demise.
On her ride she went away, putting me all to sway.
In that heavy rain I was crying,
Nothing I could achieve even if so hard I was trying

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