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I know the history teacher will start
To tell us about the Greco-roman past
Now that I know this subject is vast
It gets more difficult class by class

Some strange members of my family
Took history to take over there destiny
My cousin says history is better than physics
I don’t know what wrong in his mind there is

I want to know who made the subject history
You know even if he isn’t dead I will make him history
I don’t know if he is crazy

Once a chapter has begun it will never end
And will continue till your life’s near end
Once you start studying for the big thing (Exam)
You got to know everything
That’s what makes it even more boring

This subject history
Doesn’t allow my life to be carefree
When I start studying for the big exam
Subject history acts as a dam
For it only keeps my knowledge back

Though my television is lovely and bright
My computer can operate a simulated flight
History takes it all back
During my exam
I think it is better to be a pussycat
Who doesn’t have to study this and that

I think I need a fire department catapult
For history is getting more difficult
I wish I could mug it up soon
For my head is going to explode sooner

I compare my life
With an ass
This subject history
Has made my life a misery

I learned about Bhagat Singh
Who fought for freedom from the British Rule
He is like an inspiration to Bhavjot Singh
To fight against the history cruel

Bhavjot Singh

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