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And the journey started with a song,
a great ballad from yesterday.
The pilgrims plight,
is and endless flight,
to the land called Faraway

On the journey he saw shades of night,
and he passed through skies of gray.
But, he stayed forthright,
as he searched for light,
and the land called Faraway.

On the journey he made countless friends,
and avoided countless enemies.
And he prayed each night,
that he’d earn the right,
to the land called Faraway.

Though, he longed for glory,
his body grew old and fray.
A soul long lost,
is the dreamers cost,
in the land called Faraway.

He lay down in a green meadow,
for he knew his time was nigh.
He relived each scene,
of his minds sweet dreams,
to the land of Faraway.

And though each breath was labored,
each heartbeat found the truth.
And he saw that life,
was both joy and strife,
in the land called Faraway.

And as the darkness took him,
his hopes were bright and gay.
For he’d be one,
with the setting sun,
and the land called Faraway.


Joseph D. Neloff

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