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In the Mall

I was walking through the mall today

and I began to realize how I miss you so.

I saw crowds of kids with special wishes for Santa,
And I watched the line grow and grow.

Each little boy and girl had such a gleam in their eye!
Every step closer, they looked at their Mom or Dad
and smiled that unforgettable “I love you” smile.
Just the thought of that smile makes me sad.

I decided to get in line with all the kids
and ask Santa for a wish of my own.
Sitting on his lap with a tear in my eye
I began, letting out a tiny moan.

“Santa, I want my baby to know I love him
even if I can’t be there on Christmas morn.
I want him to know I care and I’ll never forget.
My heart has been stuck with a mighty thorn.”

That was my wish for you last year, too,
and it will be the same for every year to come.
Have a very Merry Christmas, sweet child.
I love you now, and always will, my son.


Jenn M.

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