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Journey into the very source of nostalgy

vivid pictures in my head..
Some ,i wish i could relive,
but to erase others,all i’d give..

Memories bind me with the past
If only some of them could last!
If only i had known back then
how holy they’d be in the end…

This journey is all i need
to give me hope in times i bleed..
The very source of nostalgy,
drawn smiles out of melancholy.

They say it’s useless to look back,
that’s why they’ll never leave their track,
to be remembered by the young,
revoked for all the deeds they’ve done..

Memories,a praiseworthy gift
AlaS,we neglect that time is swift,
What now is present,in a minute is past,
not more than a memory,but in me it’ll last..
So innocence will die last..

For there will come a day of cold,
when i will silently depart this world,
and will then history keep my name??
Like all aged heroes bloom in fame??

Memories carve us all along,
and remembering makes us strong..
As long as you remember too:
Cling to the past ,but let it not devour you..

For if you dwell more with the dead
than with the living ones instead,
Dreaming of tombs and not of the clock,
you’ll be abandoned by the flock.

”Let past lead you to tomorrow”
the wisest word that i can give..
Remembering won’t bring you sorrow,
..but just ONE more reason to LIVE..



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