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Lucky Am I

Life is a story that begin a new chapter each day with lines to fill.
And in the story of life I’m glad I have you to help me with my script.
Lucky Am I, because you are here to help me with the worries that fill my head.
I now know life is even better with a helping hand instead.
I only worry when you aren’t around it’s you who amplify my life.
What we share in life money and materials can’t bribe.
Lucky Am I, cause I got you to share the world with.
I don’t care how big the world get my love for you can have any space in it.
To the world your just a bona fide girl.
To me you are the world and you have your own universe.
And I want to complete your galaxy.
Lucky Am I, I got a thing for sweets and your my personal Milky Way.
You illuminate me your my sunlight.
As the night sail we watch for shooting stars under the moonlight.
Lucky Am I, because I have you as my best friend.
Each day for us another one to fulfill.
Another to day to remember why our love is real.


Ecclesiastes Jonah

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