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Dear Mother

Dear Mother please make my bed,

Know that I have this pain in my head.

I have had it now for a number of days,

When moving around I am in a daze.

Dear Mother make me a soothing brew,

Of one of your teas that you do stew.

Perhaps it will settle the pain in my head,

And stop my vision from being blood red.

Dear Mother hold my hand tight,

See me through another long night.

In the morning gently awaken me,

With another cup of your freshly brewed tea.

Dear Mother lay me to rest,

In my suit that is of the best.

For the tea that you lovingly brew,

Has not helped me see the night through.

Dear Mother place flowers on my grave,

Do not sorrow that you could me not save.

Know that I am in a better place,

Since my tea you did with arsenic lace.

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