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Autumn leaves…

I walked on a path;one
long not trodden,alone.
Tinted with yellow colored
(subdued in hues of coral)
fallen leaves,gathered by a rushing
gust of an Autumn wind,that
rattled through branches
of trees,stripping them down
to their skin and their
ebony bodies left naked.
As I trample them under
my leather boots.Their protests
sail in air,going quite unnoticed,
leaving me undisturbed,
pensive and quiet,thread
of their dreams slit,
they know time is nigh,
with Winter on her way
they must flee,upon the wind
To leave their love forever.
A cold wind blows this way
that very moment,leaves,
they sway in the faint
chilly breeze,enticing them
to sail to no real destination
and saunter anywhere with the wind.
I cross the path, praying,these
withered souls be resurrected,again,
and,perchance next spring
I see greener ones,hanging
on trees,while I walk this way again…

Author Unknown

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