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Ode for a soccer ball

Every time I touch you I get this feeling,
Like there is nothing else in the world,
That matters but you,
Your touch is so soft,
Against my cleats,
It just makes me wanna,
Keep you at my feet,
And let nobody else,
Lay their feet on you,
But I know,
That that is virtually impossible,
So I will just,
Hold on to you,
Like a mom holds her child,
Cause I know that,
I can’t hold you forever,
Cause eventually,
You will be stolen from me,
But I will not cry,
For I know I can,
Win you back.

Everybody loves you too,
90,000 eyes follow you,
Up and down the field,
Like a prince walking,
Down the street,
They watch every move,
That you make,
Hoping that eventually,
You will find your home,
The crowd goes wild with cheers,
For they are glad,
To see that you,
Have reached your destination,
Cause your goal in life,
Is to see how many,
Times you can make it,
Into your home in 90 minutes,
Then you die,
Like everything else in the world.

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