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Jet lag romance in russia

My mind vibrating with a dull thump
dulling my senses
clouding my mind
new places and new faces
go unregistered before my eyes
a stop at the airport lounge and I’m drunk under the table
groggy and tired
jet lag sets in.

a soft voice lifts me from my drunken stupor
i look around curiosity getting the best of me
i see the embodiment of temptation, she is pure Joy
her hair raven silk
my Carmel angel
she almost floats to me
recognization upon her face.

my destination stands before me.
stealing my breath away
making my heart jump out of my chest.
coy little smile and we leave.

romantically lit room
seductive caresses
passionate kisses
making love
tasting each-others lips
the curves of her body
the softness of her skin
the perfection that she is before my eyes and in my heart.
weary and tired our bodies joined
we are one.
our climaxes reached in unity

jet lag romance in Russia
beginning of our love story


Regretting every single breath

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