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Romantic Evening

We take a long drive,
Up to the mountain side.
We take a long walk,
Around the mountain’s trail.

As we look around,
We see nature’s beauty.
Stunning leaves lay upon the earth,
Gorgeous flowers grow upon the soil.

We can feel the breeze,
As it flurries past.
We can smell the sweetness in the air,
From nature’s atmosphere.

I wrap my arms around you,
As I see you start to shiver.
We walk side-by-side,
To the top of the mountain.

As we reach the top,
The sun is just setting on the Horizon.
So many magnificent colors,
Fill the sky’s clouds.

We watch the moon rise,
Over the lakes below.
I can smell the sweetness of your hair,
As the wind blows by.

We lay under the star,
In each others arms.
Cuddling and Snuggling,
Wrapped up in each other.

We light some candles,
And eat ham sandwiches.
Feeding each other,
Wishing the night wouldn’t end.

We take a long walk,
Around the mountain’s trail.
We take a long drive,
Down the mountain side.

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