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Your beauty intoxicates all you encounter,
Yet you fail to notice,
This is your blunder,
You’ve had a rough time,
Though now it is over,
But yet you continue clinging to what is left over,
And in doing this your depression grows deeper,
Pulling you apart at the seams,
Causing you to unravel and fall to you knees,
Pondering desperately: "How much worse can it be? "
To ease your mind of your terrible burden,
You bargain with Satan (as if he cares),
Giving you a release, in turn for your soul:
That you believe tarnished and not worth much at all,
When all of your friends have been with you till now,
But here comes the crossroads up ahead,
They give you a choice: "Stand tall or fall down."
You have your beauty and charm,
Your intelligence and grace,
Good friends and your health,
What more does it take for you?


Mitchell Pavao

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