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Hurt–to heal!

I cried, "Lord, use me!"
He answered, "Wait."
Then came the hurt.
Loneliness–I walked through desolation
to share His fellowship.
Doubt–I wept through despair to seek His faith.
Fear–I wrestled through darkness
to seize His freedom.
And the Balm of Gilead flowed
into the depths of my soul.
It cleansed; it soothed; it healed.
Again I cried, "Lord, use me!"
This time He answered, "Go!"
"I send you forth to heal.
Walk with the lonely–
share with them my fellowship.
Weep with the despairing–
seek with them My faith.
Wrestle with the fearful–
seize with them My freedom.
And the Balm of Gilead will flow
into the depths of their souls.
It will cleanse;
it will soothe;
it will heal."
He spoke again: "My child,
I spared you no hurt–
that I might use you to heal!"



Peggie C. Bohanon

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