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Your Silence

I have spoken long enough
I have spoken well enough
Now let me be silent
And see how Silence speaks
Hear the words unspoken
For you could never speak
And whenever I asked you
All I could ever hear, was:
Your Silence
Yes, that very Silence of yours
Which confused all my life out
making me feel miserable
day in and day out
Still I kept holding on,
hoping on and hanging on
If you could ever speak
Yet you never spoke up
Instead, offered me a challenge
A challenge to a broken heart?
A challenge to a defeated soul?
Oh! How Ruthless you could be
And still you ever want me
To keep hearing your silence
And make some meaning of it all
I told you long before
Silence never works for me
I am a woman of words…
It might work well for you
So be it, my Friend
If that is what you call ˜friendship"
Let you be silent
And me be too
And we can still remain ˜friends"
For if you speak
And I speak too
Who knows, One day
I would rather die
A Friend of yours…


Sarfaraz amani

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