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Song of the Peophin

Clouds hover in the midnight sky
And veil the light of silver moon.
From gentle waves so far below,
One hears a faded, distant tune.

As azure waters swell and flow,
Reflecting sprinkled stars above,
A song rings out from depths of sea:
‘Tis voices stirred by time and love.

The Peophins cry their refrain
From nameless muse that fills their hearts.
Though wind and waves their drum do beat,
This song doth reach up to the stars.

It rings out true from age to age,
Regardless of the world elsewhere.
This special day, the Peophins
Release their voices, strong and fair.

No living ear has heard before
A melody so rich and deep.
Each note so frail like water drop,
Tears past and present that they weep.

Upon this night, at darkest hour,
The Peophins break forth in song.
And when sun rises, they return
To depths of sea, where they belong.



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