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Don’t Feel Deep Sorrow

Don’t look a bit run-down,
Life has its ups and downs.
World is full of good and bad,
All are not foe, don’t go mad.
Let’s face the facts,
Things are not all cracked.
Let’s clean up our acts,
Don’t stick to the facts.
Hey my dear! Don’t be woeful,
With grief, life is meaningful.
In weeping we take refuge, tops,
Flowers freshened with dew drops.
Life is a tale of woe,
Don’t feel deep sorrow,
Life has its own shadow,
Don’t make it taboo.
Too many are alone like you,
The many suffer wounds of time as you,
Don’t feel deep sorrow,
Don’t kick up a row.
Heaven is for us tomorrow,
See God, don’t you know?
Leave the world up to God,
Pray for world side by side.



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