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My Sorrow

I sit alone and think about life.
All my wrongs, and all my rights.
Wondering how love could be so blind,
One step forward and I left it behind.

Wrapped up in troubles from my cheating heart,
My lovers arms I would never part.
Then came the day I had to choose,
The husband who loves me, the lover I couldn’t lose.

My marriage in shambles, a baby on the way,
I asked God for the strength to show me the way.
For the ring on my finger has lost it’s shine,
The love that I lost I now must find.

All these years of marriage, where did it go?
Does my husband even know how much I love him so?
Starting over is never easy to do,
But with the grace of God, we will manage to get through.

God has given me the greatest man of all,
Who stood beside me when I took that fall.
He never gave up, never lost faith,
Love is what we made from all of the hate.

Soon the hurt will be begin to fade,
Never to lose sight of the love we made.
My husband is everything, everything to me,
These are my words of sorrow for the whole world to see.

Tell those that you love how you feel,
Those that you hurt, give them time to heal.
Today is the light to bring new beginnings,
Tomorrow in the night to forget about the endings.



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