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Before The Baby Learns To Walk

Before the baby learns to walk the baby has to crawl
And every day day we live we learn something new and that applies to all
That is if we are open to learning some minds are closed quite tight
And the dark window to the soul will not allow in light.

Some leaders of powerful Nations seem to think wisdom they do not need
When they ignore the lessons of the past to disaster that does lead
They wage war for the sake of waging war past lessons they ignore
And ‘twould seem that every war that has been fought only leads to one more.

Some of us lack compassion it does seem for those we see as not our own
But we should not expect compassion if compassion we’ve not shown
What goes around always comes around those words ring ever true
And those words apply to everyone including me and you.

The baby has to learn to crawl before the baby walk
But the baby has the power to think before the baby talk
And to those who feel they know it all ignorance must be bliss
That life has a new lesson for us every day that point they seem to miss.

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