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Destiny where do I find you? Destiny where can I look for you? Destiny where are you hiding? Why are you hiding from me? Destiny what do you have for me? Destiny what are my options? Destiny which door is open for me? Destiny do you have anything for me that I might want? Destiny […]


My man is so sweet. Makes me feel complete. Never is afraid to stand up to me. Showing me how real love can be. Making me fall so very deep. Stealing my heart forever he keeps. The future within those baby blues. I can see always & forever is true. Sealed into eternity’s special place. […]


The shadows moved across the sky, The men standing by, Looking at the shadows formed, Wondering of their destiny, Whether it’ll be grand, Whether it’ll be sorrow, Maybe it will be free, It could happen tomorrow, But destiny is majestic, Prancing round and round, Free, nice, playful… That’s destiny… A wonder of the future, One […]

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