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The Little Things

It’s the little things in life I pay most attention to Sometimes the smallest insult Can hurt the most A little white lie Can ruin everything It’s the little things in life I cherish most One flower stands out In a garden of hundreds Two kids pointing at the night sky Not sure what they’re […]

Don’t Feel Deep Sorrow

Don’t look a bit run-down, Life has its ups and downs. World is full of good and bad, All are not foe, don’t go mad. Let’s face the facts, Things are not all cracked. Let’s clean up our acts, Don’t stick to the facts. Hey my dear! Don’t be woeful, With grief, life is meaningful. […]

You’ve Been Our Inspiration

We look to you…., to be our guide…., Our hearts can feel you…., by our side…., Deep in our souls…, we’re convinced…, You’ve Been Our Inspiration…., You’ve Been Our Inspiration. Can you realize…., all you are…, Something more…, than just a star…., Through ups and downs…., From where we came…., Confidence kicked in…., And who’s […]

A Smile

A smile costs nothing, but gives much- It takes but a moment, but the memory of it usually lasts forever. None are so rich that can get along without it- And none are so poor but that can be made rich by it. It enriches those who receive, without making poor those who give- It […]

Love is the inspiration

Love is the inspiration for the heart to sing a tune, For the ear to hear, For the soul to warm, For the mouth to smile, For the eyes to glisten. Love is the inspiration for want, For the soul to draw near another, For the mouth to utter sweet words, For the eyes to […]


If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, Or being […]

Writing in the Spirit

Look at the words written if you will, The speech of mankind on paper and twill. Representation is to identify who cries, For those who bare witness or those who have ties. We all have our pain and some have their sorrow, Others go through life like there is no tomarrow. What starts from the […]

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