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Urceus Exit

I INTENDED an Ode, And it turn’d to a Sonnet It began a la mode, I intended an Ode; But Rose cross’d the road In her latest new bonnet; I intended an Ode; And it turn’d to a Sonnet. by Austin Henry Dobson

Ode to Life and Death

To breathe To laugh To tear To cry Mother’s kisses And father’s hugs Sisters’ talks and Brother’s cries Day and night For fourteen years I remember when I was down I said to myself and made me happy Ode to water, ode to food Ode to me, and ode to you Most of all, Ode […]


Maudlin nights somehow allay my grievances Aberrant love still blazing me all over Refuge I need but scoffed me away Lonely soul, frozen in a dungeon of sentiments Obstructed by uncertainties and agony Naïve, I may describe to myself Queer sound of zephyr I heard Unveiling my face to see the sparkling light Imperfectly created […]

Ode for a soccer ball

Every time I touch you I get this feeling, Like there is nothing else in the world, That matters but you, Your touch is so soft, Against my cleats, It just makes me wanna, Keep you at my feet, And let nobody else, Lay their feet on you, But I know, That that is virtually […]

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