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In this Storm

In this storm I can only see the distant shore but the rain, hard it keeps falling In the ocean, I feel like I am drowning ‘God save me’ I shout! but even above the storm it was not loud and still he heard me because now the sun has started coming up, I see […]


Your beauty intoxicates all you encounter, Yet you fail to notice, This is your blunder, You’ve had a rough time, Though now it is over, But yet you continue clinging to what is left over, And in doing this your depression grows deeper, Pulling you apart at the seams, Causing you to unravel and fall […]

Silence, Emptiness, And Confusion

Silence builds an awful wreckage of a girl It feeds on loneliness and creates a void Gray shadows haunt and torment and torture A teenager is stricken and destroyed There is no sound of laughter or happiness here The little one has thrown in the towel today Somber, melancholy moods decay the soul It is […]

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