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A Book on a Shelf

You’re in with her tonight,
Smiles fading by the candle light,
Does she treat your heart alright?
Secrets are absorbed into night.
Apologies for the buried souls,
With rotting clothes, decaying holes
Minds once filled with tangible goals,
I’m left fighting to break that mold.
My shoes are coloured charcoal dreams,
Taking me places I have once seen,
Skies of gold, dirt of green,
A distant flame, so obscene.
Forced to the top of a hill, I stay,
Buried myself in blue, as not to decay,
Emerged a wizard with eyes set on prey,
And my apathy drew him far away.
I turned a flower into a memory,
That told me you regret being sorry
When you promised it was just me.
Other lovers hidden in secrecy.
No expectations, I demanded less,
But you insisted I was not like the rest,
Laying with your bed understanding your breaths,
Now I twist these sheets of loneliness.



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