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A Forest’s Love

In a peaceful forest lies
A young girl with bright blue eyes
Her hair shine’s gold like the sun
Like a rainbow whose colors align as one
As the morning sun rises one more
Casting sunlight across the forest floor
Whenever the morning sun rises
The pretty young girl smiles at the surprises
A new-born fawn stands for the very first time
Taking from the start natures rhyme
The wolf-pack is resting for the day
They prefer the night to hunt their prey
From golden yellow to dark green
Red to blue and every color in between
A rainbow gives the animals hope
A with its smile they learn to cope
Winter Spring Summer Fall
The forest is one with them all
In winter the snow falls deep and cold
And dead leaves against the ground fold
As winter turns to spring
And the cold snow begins to melt
Songs from the bird again ring
And the warm sunshine is strongly felt
And at sunset when day is done
Each mom and her little one
Choose to sleep in the cool moonlight
While in the trees an owl takes flight



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