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Give me Your Heart

Give me your heart so my true love can show
I promise I’ll cherish it I’ll treat it like gold
Don’t be afraid for it being torn
Your heart was mine since the day you were born
It might have been broken before in the past
we can put it together our love will make it last
So give me your heart, your heart to take
Baby don?t worry this is no mistake
Your heart is mine and mine is yours
So lets not waste time, please open the door
lets think about the future and lets forget the past
We must not think slow, we must think fast
Life is to short with out love is to long
Lets be together, lets love each other, that where we belong
I?m not just another, I?m the one
Your destined lover
Your heart belongs to no other
But me
Separated were prisoners but together we are free

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