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Gone But Not Forgotten

Though the mortal coil is shed, thy spirit is not dead.
For as long as I sail the vast and open sea;
Thy love shall e’re remain with me.

Tears like a willow fall, as I now recall
Those days so fresh and so new
When every thought seemed filled with you.

I regret not, those precious moments shared,
Or when we laid more than, our souls bare.
The time I have spent with thee,
Has truly helped set me free.

Rest assured my love and friend
As you reach your journey’s end.
No anger, nor bitterness have I
Held within these tears I cry.

The sadness that doth my heart fill,
Is the longing to be with you still.
But you are gone,
And for now I must move on.

Inside I wait. . .
For that day, at the pearly gate.
When all that we dreamed and long for shall come true
When I rest in arms of my love, which is you.


Shana L. Martin

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