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I Can’t Let Him Go

I looked at him for the first time, and not noticing I would fall in love with him I looked away.
I now sit at home only thinking about him.
Why is it that I can’t let him go?
I know realize he is never coming back, and begin to cry.
He was my first, my first at so many things.
But the one thing I will always remember, is
that he was my first “True Love.”
I did things not thinking of the outcome, and now I am left home all alone.
I just can’t let him go.
Why is it that he can act like nothing is wrong, and say “I Love You?”
Does it even mean anything?
If he read this, would he show this to all of his friends?
I just don’t know anymore!
All I know is that I love a guy.
And for that reason……
“I Can’t Let Him Go”
Deticated to Paul Mercadal

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