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The Love Stricken Undertaker

Making God’s messengers appear ordinary
My beloved lady surpassed the beauty of angels
Like golden rays through snow-white clouds
Her beauty pierced through my heart

My thoughts had seized to be mine
And my dreams became my greatest treasure
For in there my beautiful saviour awaited me
And her face pointed the path to heaven

Each dream of her I relished forever
For I only got to see my beloved in them
The first time I saw her was my last time
And it was the night my hard metal made her home in the ground

With dirges from the birds
My beloved made her trip to vist heaven’s only master
And each day, I prayed to him to keep her safe
Thanking him for the moment he blessed my life with such beauty

I long to be with my love someday
Where our love would reign forever
For it was just not to be here
Untill then, let the corpses keep me company
by Ronald Doku

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