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To Love Again

I have loved and I have lost
Give my heart at any cost
Had it broke, thrown in the dirt
A full force smack of hurt
But someone came to my side
Pouring out his love, giving me his heart
Wiping away my tears, Giving me my pride
Holding on to me, holding me up high
Sending me smiles and giving me love
Showing me what love was really like
Not sure that I could love again
I don’t know where to begin
How to find all the pieces
I’m trying to pour them in his hands
As he promises he can fix it
But to love again after the last time
After all the loss I went through
After all that was taken from my life
It’s all scaring me to death
I don’t know if I can give him my best
But all he asks is to love him
And just leave him with the rest
So I am going to give my heart to him
And try real hard to love again


Dawn Ellis

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