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she complains that she is not that weak woman in passion

What you read is all there is
If you cannot relate
Then no problem
If you are not that woman
Wriggling in my poem
Then let it be another woman

Another woman that
You mock
That you think is
So unreal

A woman who is not you
A woman who cannot be you
Is still the real woman
That I hold and love and cherish
She is still the woman that I love very much
She is still the woman that I can die for
She is the weak woman in my arms
She is the woman hiding in my embraces
She is the woman longing for my love
She is the woman who cannot live without my love
She is the woman who is by my side
She is the woman lovable to me

We made a vow
And I will be with her forever
Without me she is incomplete
Without her I am incomplete
We will always be together

Will you hate the woman that I love?

Drop her. She is mine. I’ll catch her.



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