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America Allowed

America turned me into a prostitute
The TV told me to sell my ass to be rich
Philip Morris gave me a cigarette and took my lungs
McDonald’s gave me a burger and took my stomach

America allowed this; took my money

Johnny Walker gave me a pint and took my liver
Nike gave me some shoes and took my feet
Apple gave me an Ipod and took my ears
Colgate gave me fluoride and took my mouth

America allowed this; took my money

Bill Gates gave me a CPU and took my brain
Sony gave me a Playstation and took my eyes
Democracy gave me freedom and took my heart
Society gave me a standard and fucked me ‘til I bled

America allowed this; took my money

Now I look at what I have
Now I think about what I had
I have to get my daughter away from TV
I have to get her out of America.

“America, you can’t have her; take me instead! ”

and America said: “Hahaha, why? You’re already dead.”

Joseph GrandaPadron

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